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A film is not just a movie.  It’s not just something that takes up 90 minutes of a day.  It isn’t just a collection of scenes and special effects.  A film is a work of art.  A good film should be one that can be seen again and again.  Every time a good film is viewed, the audience should get something more.  They should discover new things upon each viewing.  That’s the kind of films we strive to make at BackSpace Productions.

For over two years, we have been bringing a unique and awesome entertainment experience to thousands of people in over 50 countries.  Those are real numbers.  With our limited and usually non-existent budget, we believe in delivering the best and highest quality productions to people all around the planet.  With over two films, an online TV series, and a theatrical short to our credit, we hope we can continue to strike awe and wonder into the hearts of our viewers for centuries into the future.

“[It’s] going to be awesome.”

    – Ian Fimple on TMTM

“Hey, you lousy trespassers!  Get off my lawn.”

    – reluctant BackSpace set donor

“The writing, the direction, the acting; it is all brilliant!  Where do they find such talent?”

    – Greg Crawford on TMTM

Three Minutes to Midnight

December 18, 2012